DadMan vs. Week 3 (first 10+run of training)

WEEK 2: 20 Mi

  • Tue 05/22/12 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @10:17
  • Thu 05/24/12 Speedwork Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 3x1600 in 8:15 w/800 jogs; Cool
  • Sun 05/27/12 Long Run Dist: 12 Mi @10:17

Week 3 of training for the Chicago marathon is behind me. I finished my 12 miles in 1:59:44.

Today’s 12 miler seemed longer and tougher than I remember, for several reasons;

  1. I was breaking in new shoes (my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12),
  2. I worked all weekend and didn’t get home until 1:00 am this morning and had to awaken early [6:00 am] to run in order avoid the heat, and
  3. It was too hot!

I got on the trail by 7:00 am owing to the fact that I had to have my morning coffee and a banana before my run. By then the temperature had already reached 79 degrees and it was climbing fast.

To make matters worse, I had forgotten to buy more Gu and only had one to bring with me for my long run. I usually like to bring at least 1 for every 6 miles, so I should have had at least 2 for this run.

By the time I reached the 5 mile mark it was already too hot and I could feel the tireds creeping in, along with a bit of a headache. I anticipated this would be something I would have to battle, as I had only gotten 4.5 hours of sleep before my run. So I was mentally prepared for that eventuality. I told myself to suck-it-up and push past the feeling. And I was able to do so. :-)

I had been on the trail almost an hour. The water in my bottle had gotten warm by now. Thankfully, the trail I run on has water fountains about every 1.5 - 2.0 miles. Unfortunately for me, right about this time I also had a roiling feeling in my stomach which meant a trip the port-a-potty at one of the water stops. I know that my fellow runners understand this situation, but for those of you who don’t, well, let’s just say sitting inside what amounts to a hot plastic box, covered in sweat, while doing your business is not the funnest thing you’ll ever do in life. I soldiered on despite my pit stop and found that my budding headache was starting to go away.

Around mile 8 I had a bit of reflux and was surprised when I said out loud, “Oh, banana!” I can confirm that all of the conventional wisdom about bananas and running is true. It doesn’t taste bad when it comes back up in the middle of a run.  That, and all of the sports medicine research about bananas; help fight cramping, etc. So, I highly recommend a banana before a long training run.

At around mile 8.5 I noted the both of my feet were a little pained on the bottom, centered, and just in front of my arches. Now, this could be because my new shoes weren’t conformed to my feet yet, or the duo dry socks I had on were drenched and no longer wicking away the moisture, or my feet just need to toughen-the-hell-up! I had to stop to adjust my socks and tighten up my my laces to prevent any possible sliding around. I, for sure, don’t want blisters on the bottoms of my feet.

Ultimately, I finished 18 seconds faster than my proposed pace. I was overheated, my feet were sore, the elements were against me, and I was tired as sin, but all-in-all I felt pretty good about that run. If I can feel good about a run like that, then I think my mind is in pretty good shape to tackle the longer distances yet to come.

Keep running my friends!